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Alan Hydes '23

Alan Hydes - Artist

Alan is an international Fine Art painter living and working in Deia, Mallorca, where he creates paintings, prints and mixed media work.
He trained in the UK and was awarded a First Class Honours degree in FineArt with a supporting study of Art History.
Following University he drove overland to India where he studied Indian Miniature painting and created a photographic record of his 11 months travelling around India, Afghanistan and Iran and eight other countries.
On his return to the UK he lectured in several universities before developing his work on television. His TV series and documentaries featured portraiture, botanical painting and townscapes. He made three TV documentaries with David Hockney, arguably the most important painter of our generation.

Since moving to Deia he has worked on large colourful canvases featuring Mallorcan subject matter such as Almond orchards in flower, Mediterranean seascapes, flowers and swimming girls. He also continued to be commissioned for his portraiture work by well known personalities such as Lord ( Andrew Lloyd) Webber.

Many of his portraits are in the British National Collection and his paintings are in international private and public collections.
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Alan Hydes painting of Girl swimming
Alan Hydes painting of Girl swimming
Painting - Abstract Mexican
abstract mexican fish and serpent
Abstract mexican with gold heart
Painting - Abstract Mexican 05
Painting - Red Door and four
indian 07
Indian 1141
Indian with gold vase - Alan Hydes
four oranges
Panting still life of Crab and lemons on a table
Fish still life
still life on white table
Still life with brushes
Renishaw Hall Magnolias painting
yellow tulips in glass vase
tulips on stripes
sunflowers 3
cala lillies in vase by alan hydes
peonies by Alan Hydes
couple Olive Grove
Richard Todd - Actor
portrait of Lord Harewood
portrait of Edward Heath ex UK Prime Minister
Portrait of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Sadie, pencil sketch by Alan Hydes
The Bishop of Ripon
flat cap
Portrait of Paul Sykes
three dogs
sheep in deia olive grove
ancient olive trees in charvoal by Alan Hydes
old olive trees painted by Alan Hydes
olive grove painted by Alan Hydes
deia in oils
deia mallorca
Bangkok 4 seasone hotel
Painting of Palms against a pink and blue sky
CD artwork - robert palmer - 'honey'
red dancing
koi pool
koi pool white stones
koi carp
Koi carp in pond
nude redhead painted by Alan Hydes
Nude in attic
Nude with green cushion
nude at red door
Nude and Monkey
Alan painting an oil sketch on the coast near Cala Deia
For the past 23 years Alan has lived and worked in Mallorca, and has gathered much of his creative inspiration from the island. The location of the studio and house is the beautiful village of Deia, on the West coast overlooking the Mediterranean. The house sits on the side of the mountain range the Serra de Tramuntana, listed World Heritage status (by UNESCO) as an area of ‘Great physical and cultural significance’.
Alan Hydes - Working on a double portrait set in the olive groves

Portrait of Mr and Mrs Pickard in olive groves Deia

Professor Chris Taylor with his portrait at Bradford University

Professor Chris Taylor Vice Chancellor Bradford University.
Commission by the University for permanent collection

Alan Hydes - with completed koi painting

Koi Carp, one of a series of large canvases

Miranda Kerr comes for a lesson with Alan Hydes

Miranda Kerr comes for a Lesson

Thoughout his career Alan has striven to explore his creativity through drawings, paintings and printmaking. His love of draughtsmanship was his first passion as a student and it has continued throughout his life as a painter. " I found drawing to be of inestimable value to the formulation of ideas and my artistic development as a whole “. said Alan “You can’t underestimate the freedom and flexibility drawing provides when initially exploring imagery.
Committing things to paint is actually much easier once the ideas have been pushed around as drawings. It’s rather like providing a foundation for the expression necessary in the painting process.”.

Portrait of Lord Lloyd Webber .. private commission by Lord Webber.

 "I learnt to paint figuratively and that discipline provided me with the skills to push the boundaries and be expressive with the media. I explored the media in order to find out what could be achieved - using watercolour, acrylics and oils. The ’Swimming girl’ paintings for example employ a mixed media technique in order to achieve the necessary effects. I firstly draw out the composition and detail of the figure. Then I use diluted acrylics to paint the water .. allowing the light to penetrate to pigment and produce a transparent and reflective effect. The figure is only then painted in oils over the acrylic’s to give it weight, substance and modelling of the form.
Whereas the sunflower paintings for example begin life as detailed charcoal drawings and are then painted over in thick vibrant oil paints to give substance, texture and vibrant colours."
Alan Hydes - with Large Palms with pink clouds painting

Big palms with pink clouds

Alan hydes  with David Hockney

Alan interviewing David Hockney for TV documentary 'Hydes on Hockney’ ITV

Leonardo DiCaprio visits the studio

Leonardo DiCaprio visits Alan’s studio

Big Sunflowers in my Studio - Alan Hydes

Big sunflowers on pink

David Hockney, still from Documentary by Alan Hydes

Alan and David Hockney chat between takes when filming HYDES ON HOCKNEY for ITV

Filmography.Alan hydes and Tulips painting

Tulips on pink with stripes

John Cleese in Alan's studio with Almond trees painting in background

John Cleese visits Alan’s studio, with Alan’s big almond trees painting as a backdrop

Still life with fish and lobster

Alan Hydes with Almond blossom series

Almond trees in blossom .. part of a series

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